World Youth Day Prep

As the days count down to our departure the excitement is building but also the pre-departure prep madness!

A huge part of any pilgrimage is preparation, and World Youth Day is no different. The main component of preparation is prayer. We are praying for ourselves, our group and the whole of the World Youth Day Pilgrimage.
We especially ask for the intercession of St John Paul II as he founded WYD. We also ask for the prayers of St Stanislaus, the Patron Saint of Poland. For more info on St Stanislaus check out this link: 

As well as Prayers we are preparing very practically. As we are travelling by coach our expected journey time is 30+hours and crosses through six countries! This journey alone requires a lot of planning and preparing! We’re all busy packing and shopping (you can never have enough socks).

During our preparation please keep praying for us and the larger WYD community. Dont forget we’ll be praying for all of you 🙂

Love and Prayers,

Lisa 🙂



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